Old fence turned to darling planter

A few years back my husband made this cute little fence for me to separate the patio from the pool. Now that the pool is gone we decided to take down the fence. It has sat in the side yard with a bunch of other junk growing weeds around it for awhile. I'm happy to say it has once again become something useful and pretty!
Both my parents are huge gardeners. I did not inherit that skill from them! The only thing I've managed to keep alive in our sad little backyard is a queen palm tree. Mike and I have talked about a garden for a couple years now but haven't followed through. This year I decided to be brave and attempted my first try at planting food. 
Step 1- I'd need a cute planter, of course!
I made this planter from some of the wood from that old fence. 
Step 2- Paint it.
Step 3- start planting! 
The plant in the back is called The Sparky Honeysuckle, named for ASU. The flowers grow red and orange. I'm hoping that the humming bird that hangs out in my front yard will find it's way to it. 
Next, came the actual food. I figured I'd start simple this year so I went with strawberries, cucumbers and baby watermelon. The cucumbers only survived about 12 hrs before the dog stomped all over them. Now all my love is going into the berries and melons. I'm not expecting much but I would be so proud of myself if I could grow just 1 edible item!
If I kill off all these tiny plants I'll really be sad. But, as a consolation prize, my planter is dang cute if I do say so!!