Be The Good

I am a worrier. I stress about almost everything. I remember as a child my mom telling me that if I didn't have something to worry about I'd make up something.

 I worry about things like:
Did I lock the doors? Is someone going to break into my house while I'm on vacation? Then when the police come will they wonder if the robbers destroyed my house or think I'm just a really bad housekeeper?
What if my daughter is riding her bike to work, gets a flat, and decides to hitchhike the rest of the way? Then she gets kidnaped by Gypsies, taken to Canada and I never see her again. 
If I see a child lost in a store I feel the need to follow them around to make sure they find their parents and no crazy person snatches them. In the mean time I'm the one who looks like the creeper following a child around!
When I pull into my garage I can't get out of the car until the garage door has shut just incase a crazy person has come into the garage while it was open and now wants to kill me.
What if my kid gets carjacked, then ran over by his own car?

Okay, so maybe my mom wasn't that far off! I know I'm a bit OCD and I'm working on it. But truthfully, I have a hard time remembering that not everyone in the world is crazy or out to do something bad. I need to remember that "There Is Good In The World". And, that I need to "Be The Good". 
When I first came across this phrase I fell in love with it. I now have it hanging up in my home. Maybe, fingers crossed, it will help me.