Family Photo Wall

We have been in our home for 7 years now (a record for us!) and I have one wall that I've never decorated. I just couldn't commit to anything so I hung a mirror up and have hated it ever since!
I've had a idea in my head for awhile now and finally got it finished. 
I love to use cabinet doors to frame things. After sanding them down for what seemed like forever I spray painted them off white and did a bit of distressing.
Next, I designed my graphics and printed them on burlap. To do that I needed some burlap, freezer paper and a ton of patience! The burlap kept getting jammed in my printer, then I ran out of ink!

I love the way they came out! Definitely worth the time it took to put them together. I used some craft glue and brads to attach them to the cabinets.

I'm in LOVE with the finished product!
 Well, it's not exactly finished... I have an idea for adding a shelf under the center frame. I hope that doesn't take me another 7 years to finish!