Yellow & Grey & Quatrefoil!

When my 17 year old baby girl moved out to go to college I was sad. The only way I could think to sooth my sadness was to redo her room the day after she moved! OK, maybe the day after she moved was a bit to soon (for her, not me)! I had to explain to her that I am making her a beautiful Guest Room for when she comes to visit.

I'm in love with the quatrefoil pattern! I decided to spice it up a bit by using vinyl instead of paint. It sounded like a good idea... until I realized just how much vinyl this project is going to take. This picture is how far I got before I ran out. Now the project is on hold while I wait for my vinyl order to come.

Once the vinyl is complete I'll start on the curtains and pillows. Did I mention I don't sew?