Happy New Year!

The best way to start off the new year is with a super cute new calendar! 

Craft Night is starting back up again!
January 11th at 6:30

These metal calendars can be used with a dry erase marker and have interchangeable monthly designs. 
The craft comes with a wooden board, sheet metal and vinyl outline for the calendar, plus the first 2 months for $30. The additional months can be purchased that night or through out the year. The months are front/back, so January is on front, flip it over and February is on back. The additional months are $6 for the set of 3 (but that includes 2 months.... confusing? sorry!) 
finished size: 16" X 24"

So... from the replies I've been getting I'm pretty sure I've totally confused everyone on the price of this fabulous calendar! 
Here's the break down:
 $30 covers the blank calendar outline, sheet metal, wood to mount it on and the first 2 months (January with February on back). The other months will be $6 for a set of 2 months. So that means March & April will be $6, June & July will be $6 more and so on. You can get all the months that night for an additional $30 or break it up and do 2 months at a time for $6 each. In the end the whole thing would cost $60. 
Hope that clears up some questions, if not give me a call. Thanks!